Randall K. Ziegler - Executive Vice President

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Assisting Mr. Owens in the development of the Company on a planned basis, Mr. Ziegler is charged with the responsibility of handling the company’s Florida expansion and ongoing corporate relationships. To this end, he has headed a team responsible for the start-up and operation of numerous accounts including: SeaWorld, Tampa Busch Gardens, Florida Hospital, State of Florida Department of Management Services, City of Winter Park, Polk State College, Florida A&M University, Pasco, and Lake County Facilities, the Orlando City Hall Complex, Florida Department of Transportation, and several State of Florida owned high rise facilities, in addition to numerous other accounts. Mr. Ziegler believes corporate growth can only be attained when the needs of the customer (and their clients), not the needs of the company, are the driving focus of a given project, as well as the development of close interpersonal contact between the client and Principals. “Service must be tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer, not addressed by a One Size Fits All program.” The company's philosophy in management and operations is one of commitment to customer service excellence and focused quality control. Recognizing that Owens Realty Services is in the service business, it is Mr. Ziegler’s belief that the company’s employees are our greatest asset. He is constantly looking for new technology to make their jobs easier and more efficient. Motivation and employee buy-in are encouraged. Mr. Ziegler frequently visits with company employees at all levels during site visits looking for a reason to recognize individual accomplishments in front of other peer workers. Line workers in this field normally are accustomed to only being recognized for doing something wrong. Our employees have responded most positively when their efforts are recognized publicly. It also has a marked impact on the performance of their peers in the work team.