Owens Realty Services judges the viability of each potential acquisition based on stringent benchmarks and the indivisual goals of our clients.  Asset class, market location, capital committment, functionality, leasability and short and long term operational capabilities are carefully considered. 


Creating Value for Our Clients:

Finding the right building, in the right location:
We understand that the right building, for the right target market results in a high occupancy rate which in turn supports quaility operations, financial stability and the ability for short and long term capital planning. 

Redevelopment Projects:

We understand the local market and are proponents of seeking out traditionally well placed, but under utilized assets. The Owens Realty Services team works closely with local and state decision makers in order to obtain tax credits, and redevelopment funds in order to create value

Our services include:

  • Development of Acquisition Goals & Parameters
  • Identifying Strategic & Emerging Markets
  • Owner Representation Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • Site Selection & Prospecting
  • Opportunistic Real Estate Investments
  • Sourcing Capital Investors
  • Structuring & Negotiating Project Financing
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Project Management Services
  • Property Management & Leasing
  • Real Estate Disposition