Owens Realty Services Core Values in Play at the Tampa Convention Center

September 12, 2018

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Pictured from left to right: Robert Rose, Tampa Convention Center, Esa Rahaman,
Jose Balado, Sandy Norton, Carmen Montes, Dedra Rodgers,
and Randy Ziegler of Owens Realty Services

Tampa, FL - Owens Realty Services is proud to announce that Sandy Norton, Carmen Montes, and Dedra Rodgers received the company's Exemplary Service Award in recognition of their outstanding honesty in returning a large sum of money to the main office for safe keeping during the post-clean for the Comic-Con Convention at the Tampa Convention Center.

Our Shift Manager, Ron Weber, stated, "I feel that honesty and integrity are not based on what others see but what they don't see, and the best awards are the ones that are unexpected."


The folks at the Tampa Convention Center could not be more pleased.  Owens Realty Services congratulates Ms. Norton, Ms. Mendes and Ms. Rodgers for their strong ethics and for upholding the company's Core Values.