Colleges & Universities

Diligent Management & Sustainable Practices for Colleges & Universities

Owens Realty Services provides quality management, maintenance and janitorial services for college and university facilities. In today’s economy, we recognize that budgets are under constant stress. The tendency is to cut maintenance programs to save valuable dollars; however, that model only services to reduce the value of the asset due to unending deferral of maintenance and sub-par maintenance programs.

 With our asset management background, our managers work hard to develop budgets that include regular maintenance activities that will reduce unplanned corrective emergency capital budget expenses. Our proactive management and maintenance services include implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), trained and licensed Chief Building Engineers qualified to program sophisticated Energy Management Systems and provide leadership and management of critical energy saving programs , inventory control programs, and cost saving initiatives.

 Our successful sustainable green cleaning program is widely recognized. Owens Realty Services' maintenance and janitorial services division utilizes Green Seal cleaning chemicals wherever possible, low impact cleaning equipment including HEPA filter vacuums, robotics where appropriate, micro-fiber color-coded reusable mop heads and no chemical strippers. We provide comprehensive classroom and field training which includes product usage, cleaning methods, equipment maintenance, OSHA safety, blood borne pathogen procedures, hazardous material handling and communication and cross contamination prevention.

 Owens Realty Services' comprehensive management programs ensure diligent attention to budgetary constraints with a focus on preserving the assets of our clients and result in the highest quality of service delivery in the industry.